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Come chat about books!

One of my favorite words is bochord, an Old English word for library, which literally means "book hoard." Since I've always viewed libraries as magical treasure troves, a book hoard evokes images of dragons collecting heaps of leather-bound tomes and maybe some graphic novels. So naturally I was delighted to learn of this specialized library. Please plan to stop by the Wanderground Lesbian Archive/Library table before the March 9 concert to learn more about their work. Here's a preview:

Wanderground Lesbian Archive/Library collects and provides access to a broad selection of New England-based publications, artifacts, and personal memorabilia from the period 1950-2000. We offer community gathering spaces in order to preserve the vibrant past of local Lesbians, encourage present-day learning and discovery, and cultivate a future of thriving Lesbian communities.

Built upon the energies and pride of Lesbians, Wanderground Lesbian Archive/Library reclaims Lesbian visibility, lifts our voices, honors lived experiences, and celebrates the creativities of Lesbians. Committed to the belief that the personal is political, we gather the stories of New England Lesbians and protect legacies which might otherwise be forgotten. Grounded in the knowledge of our past, we work to integrate the present, and to build a transformational and equitable future.

Viewers exploring Wanderground materials displayed at a pop-up showcase event.

Viewers exploring Wanderground materials displayed at a pop-up showcase event

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