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Safety Protocols

Updated 6/22/22

The Providence Singers will follow current guidelines as recommended by the CDC, state and local government.

Our safety measures may change throughout the season, so please continue to visit this page for updates. 


Concert Protocols for Audience Members

Our next concert is scheduled for October 30, 2022. We will revisit our safety policy in the fall. Please check back.


Providence Singers Member Policy 


Vaccinations, including booster shots, are required for all members.  Masking protocols will be revisited in the fall.

What to do if you are ill:

Stay home.  If you are feeling unwell, for any reason, please stay home.

What to do if you test positive for Covid-19:

  1. Contact your section leader and inform them of the positive test result.

  2. The CDC recommends a 5-day minimum isolation after the onset of symptoms, or, if not symptomatic, from the date of a positive test, but the Carter Center requires a 10-day isolation period from the onset of symptoms or, if not symptomatic, from the date of a positive test. You may return to rehearsal on Day 10 if 1) you are asymptomatic AND 2) you have a negative rapid test.  (We do not require a negative PCR for return to rehearsals, as they are so sensitive that they may indicate a positive result weeks after a person is no longer contagious.)

  3. No one should attend rehearsals with any symptoms, even after a negative test, since there are other respiratory illnesses in the community.

What to do if you are exposed to Covid:

  1. Contact your section leader and inform them.

  2. If you are symptom free, you can continue rehearsing, paying close attention to masking protocols, but you must get a negative rapid test result within 3-5 days after exposure.

  3. If you become symptomatic, you must isolate until you get a negative test. (If you test positive, please follow the instructions above.)

What to do if a family member or close contact develops symptoms but is not yet tested:

  1. If you are symptom free, you can continue rehearsing, paying close attention to masking protocols.

  2. If you become symptomatic, you must isolate until you get a negative rapid test.

What is required of the Providence Singers organization:

  • The Carter Center requires all organizations using the facility to keep a record of vaccinations and boosters for all members of that organization.

  • The organization must inform Carter Center if a member tests positive for Covid-19 AND has been in the Carter Center within two days before the onset of symptoms OR two days before a positive test. (Carter Center will be informed of the fact, but not given any member names or information.)

Other Providence Singers policies:

Contact tracing:

The strong risk mitigation measures in place for members (vaccinations, masks, and staying home when ill), meant that no member met the CDC definition of a “close contact."  With the onset of the mask-optional policy, close contacts include Singers directly surrounding the person who tested positive. These people will be notified and asked to wear masks until they obtain a negative test. The entire membership will be notified of any known positive case among the membership. The nature of singing, even in masks, is such that we can not expect only those in the immediate vicinity to have had exposure.  We are taking a broader approach and notifying all members of all positive cases, no matter the assigned seating of the individual who tested positive.


Testing requirements for return to rehearsal after contagion or exposure are detailed above. The Providence Singers has no other testing requirements for participation in rehearsals or concerts. We do, however, encourage everyone to use testing as one of the tools in our arsenal to prevent community spread of Covid-19.  If you have been engaging in high risk activities such as travel and think you might need to be tested, it's better to err on the side of caution.


This policy will be revisited frequently and updated as needed.  Members will be notified by email of any changes. 




Carter Center's Covid Policy Update


Effective Monday, April 4, the following modifications will be made to our masking protocols in the music school facility.


Unvaccinated Individuals - 2 years old and up

  • Masks are mandated to be worn 100% of the time, in all spaces within the Music School facility. This includes common areas, lesson areas and performance areas.


Vaccinated/Boosted Individuals

  • Mask wearing is highly encouraged for everyone while they are in the Music School facility. Everyone should continue to bring a mask with them when entering the Carter Center.

  • Mask wearing is optional in the common spaces such as the lobby, bathrooms and hallways.

  • Mask wearing is required during lessons and other education activities/rehearsals/classes unless the teacher/conductor/staff leader directs individuals otherwise.

  • Mask wearing is required for audience members unless the teacher/conductor/staff leader directs individuals otherwise. 

Our common areas have been reopened to all. Students of all ages may now enter accompanied by caregivers and/or family members. We do still encourage social distancing while seated in our common areas. 
All other COVID protocols will continue to remain in place.


If you feel sick:

  • Stay home and do not come into the music school

  • Tell your teacher

  • Take a remote lesson

  • If you test negative but have a cold or are under the weather, please wear a mask so as not to spread other illness.


Faculty and Staff reserve the right to require masking of any individual in the Music School facility at any time.






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