Member Information and Policies

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Covid Protocols

   Providence Singers:

All members must wear masks and provide proof of vaccination. More detailed information can be found here. 

   Carter Center Protocols:

The Providence Singers' ability to rehearse in in Carter Center is contingent upon adherence to school policy, both by our members and the organization. 

  • Masks are required to enter the music school.

  • All organizations that use the facility must mandate vaccinations for all of their adult members, and must keep a record of members' vaccination status.

  • Everyone who uses the facility is required to read and sign the RI Philharmonic Music School COVID-19 Safety Pledge prior to entering the facility. This form is brief and can be filled out online. 





Section leaders
Your section leader is your primary source of information about attendance, markings in the score, call times, concert , and anything else. If your section leader does not have an immediate answer he or she will consult with the appropriate person and get one. Please do not pose questions to the artistic director while a rehearsal is underway. Raise the question with your section leader.

Weekly notes and announcements are emailed to all singers several days before rehearsal. Watch for them and read them; this will keep announcements at rehearsal as short as possible. Singers are responsible for reviewing the eNotes and keeping themselves up-to-date on important information. Announcements at rehearsal are kept as short as possible (five minutes). Members may submit items to the eNotes editor, but all announcements must deal directly with Singers business.

The website
The Singers website has a complete calendar for the season, program and program notes for each concert, the Member Directory, history, announcements, minutes of meetings, and news. Private member pages require login.

Membership and fees

Membership defined
The Providence Singers has three requirements for membership: 1) pass an audition; 2) pay all applicable fees; 3) attend all rehearsals and sing all concerts. All members are periodically re-auditioned, generally every other year — sopranos and tenors one year, altos and basses the next. The artistic director may request that a member re-audition if there are any vocal or musical concerns.

Annual membership fee
The Singers annual membership fee is $150, payable at the beginning of the season. Think of it as tuition: a season’s worth of weekly vocalization, vocal coaching (diction, vocal production, advice on score mastery, and care of the voice), and exposure to a wide and varied choral repertoire. If the fee is a hardship, please speak with the chorus manager or the executive director to arrange a payment schedule or inquire about financial assistance.

Purchasing scores
Members are required to purchase their own scores for each concert. The amount varies depending on music to be performed, ranging from $15 to as much as $40 or $50. Used scores are sometimes available for purchase or borrowing, as with Messiah. Members may use different editions it they have them, but must reconcile measure numbers and pagination with the edition that the chorus will use in rehearsals. As with the annual fee, please speak with the chorus manager or executive director if purchase of scores is a hardship.



If you find that you cannot attend a rehearsal for any reason, you must alert your section leader. Singers are generally allowed one or two excused absences per concert cycle. The limit will be announced at the first rehearsal. Members who miss more rehearsals will be asked to sing in a “Quality Quartet” to demonstrate preparedness. Rehearsals during concert week—Tuesday night and generally two dress rehearsals—are mandatory.

If you are in not feeling well, please contact your section leader, excuse yourself, and remain at home.

If you know you will not be able to sing a concert due to travel or unavoidable conflicts, you must inform your section leader in writing as soon as you know—at the start of the season, if possible. Members are expected to attend rehearsals for concerts they will not sing, but should not attend rehearsals during concert week.

Tuesday rehearsals begin with a downbeat at 7:15 pm and continue until 9:45 pm with a 15-minute break. Dress rehearsals and performances have stated call times. Please arrive on time. Each Singer must have a pencil for recording the director’s instructions in the score. Refrain from talking during rehearsals, even about issues with the score; direct any questions to your section leader. Singers are provided with name badges and should wear them for all rehearsals. Ask your section leader if you need a replacement badge.

Learning the music
Rehearsals are for developing the artistic quality of our performances, although in cases of an unusually difficult score or a short rehearsal cycle, the director may schedule sectional rehearsals. Each singer is expected to learn notes and review the music between rehearsals. The organization makes an effort to provide rehearsal resources — practice files, pronunciation guides, etc. — to assist.





Concert dress
Unless otherwise directed, tenors and basses must wear tuxedos, black tie, white shirt, and black shoes and socks. Sopranos and altos must wear a black long sleeved top, black floor-length skirt, black shoes, and opaque black stockings. In all cases, black means pure black, not dark gray, faded black, navy blue or other dark color. Any jewelry must be minimal and unobtrusive.

Performance scores
All music must be in black folders for all dress rehearsals and performances. 


Out of consideration for fellow singers and in view of often tight quarters on the risers, do not wear perfume or other strong fragrance.



About the organization

The Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the Providence Singers. It may have as many as 18 voting trustees, drawn from the membership and from the wider community of friends and supporters. The artistic director and executive director serve in an ex officio capacity. Members may attend and observe any meeting of the Board, save for executive sessions. Minutes of Board meetings are posted on the website and available to any member who has logged in.

The artistic staff includes the artistic director, assistant conductor and pianist. The management staff for the current year is limited to the executive director.

The Providence Singers depends on volunteers for many of its important operations and encourages individual members to take an active role. Volunteer positions include:

  • Section leaders work closely with the artistic director and chorus manager to ensure clear communication within sections, to track attendance, to address any issues that may arise within the section, to welcome new members, and to ensure that rehearsal expectations are met;

  • Chorus manager works closely with the artistic director on any issues of concern, makes announcements at weekly rehearsals, and ensures smooth operations at concert venues by communicating instructions (entrances, exits, concert decorum) and assembling the chorus when it is time to enter the performance space;

  • Member services coordinator handles audition requests, maintains the member roster, and works closely with the chorus manager on routine matters and the executive director for specific projects;

  • Communications manager gathers announcements, composes and distributes the weekly eNotes newsletter;

  • Ushers and ticket staff, often emeriti/ae, family members or friends, work with the communications director and executive director to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for audience.

Other ways to volunteer

We welcome you, your voice, your ideas, and your help. We survive on the volunteer efforts of our members. We value our cooperative spirit and work hard to avoid unnecessary costs. There are many ways you can help with this effort and all sorts of jobs to do at all skill levels with wide range of time requirements to fit your life!

  • Make your skills and interests known to the chorus manager, or any section leader. If you have experience in marketing, accounting, fundraising, event planning, etc., that you’d be willing to share, let us know!

  • Tell your friends about the music and concerts. Share your enthusiasm for singing and performing with the Providence Singers. 

  • Make a tax-deductible gift in addition to paying your dues. See whether your employer will match your gift. We support what we love and what we value.

  • Post our flyers and brochures in your workplace, place of worship, community center or other gathering places.

  • Recruit ushers and house staff (house manager, box office volunteers) for our concerts. Ushers and house staff hear the concert for free!