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"An uncommon musical work for uncertain times"

Artistic Director Christine Noel was interviewed for an article in this month's Motif Magazine. Here's a link for those who would like to read more about the upcoming performance of Considering Matthew Shepard.

Uncertain times are characterized by difficult and complex issues. The Providence Singers wish to echo the advice of the article's author, Joe DeMarco:

It is important to note that this work contains sensitive matter and is intended for mature audiences only. Parents may wish to review this subject matter before attending with minor children.

Matthew's story is tragic, and the words and music of Considering Matthew Shepard span a wide emotional range. One of the most difficult movements confronts hate directly, in the form of the Westboro Baptist Church. "A Protester" is sung from the perspective of the mob that picketed Matthew's funeral. It is difficult to sing those words, and difficult to hear them. We understand that some of our listeners may have heard similar epithets directed to them or their loved ones, and that hearing this movement without emotional preparation could be painfully triggering. For those who would like to listen to this particular movement before the concert, here's a link to a recording by Conspirare, the chamber ensemble that commissioned and premiered this work.


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