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Providence Singers Subscribers

Subscribe before November 2 to receive a 15% discount on Messiah tickets.

Thank you for your interest in the Providence Singers, and thanks for taking a few minutes to become a Providence Singers Subscriber.


Joining our subscription list will ensure that you hear about our upcoming concerts and events.  You can choose what what information you'd like to receive.

We encourage everyone who is currently eceiving our email newsletter to subscribe.  Our email list has been built over many years, and some of the information is incomplete or out of date.  If your email or postal address has changed recently, subscribing will help us update our records.


Privacy Policy:  Subscribers' names and email addresses will be shared with the Philharmonic box office to verify subscription status, but this list will not be shared with any other individual or organization.  You can also opt out of inclusion in the Philharmonic list, if you prefer. 

Providence Singers Subscribers

Please send me the following:

Thank you for subscribing!

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