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Providence Singers

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees


Held via ZOOM

Wednesday, March 22, 2023



Josh Krugman, Chairman. Members; Jenica Reed Conley, Bradford Louison, Suzanne Nassise, Mell Roca, Margaret Veresko, Terry Karaniuk, Allison Picard, Lori Andrews and Kyleen Carpenter.  Elaine Cunningham, Christine Noel, ex officio.


The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m. The Minutes of the meeting of January 11, 2023 were unanimously approved. 



Executive Director’s Report

 Elaine Cunningham discussed the Resource Development report. Fundraising was slow during the last couple of months. A grant from the Blackbaud Giving Fund was received. Fundraising amounts totaled $3,515.00 since the January Board meeting.  Ms. Cunningham submitted a letter of inquiry to the White Family Foundation. The Singers are eligible for a RICA Project Grant. 401 Gives Campaign is coming up in April. Ms. Cunningham will be sending links and ads to the Singers for sending to potential donors and will ask Singers for the names of persons for direct mail contact in order to inform them about the 401 Gives campaign and about the YouTube recording. A personal solicitation from a member tends to be more effective than a request from the organization itself. 


The March 11 and 13, 2023 concerts were discussed. There was a total of 453 attendees for both concerts. Total revenue was $12,051.00 and expenses were $13,564.00. The cost for contract musicians was a factor in the expenses. Elaine discussed looking into less expensive alternatives to Eventbrite. 


Ms. Cunningham is planning to cultivate a “5th Section” for persons who would like to volunteer to assist and contribute to the Singers. Also under consideration will be new tactics to engage the Singers in promoting the organization, new venues, new partnerships, tapping into our partners mailing lists, new marketing copy, program books, and video talks about upcoming concerts. Also under consideration is the possibility of a Providence Athenaeum event such as one about the Considering Matthew Shepard program or a talk by Dr. Noel on a subject such as sacred music. Future additional concert videos will be considered.


The March 11, 2023 concert recording and the expenses for musicians, licenses, engineering and editing was discussed.


The estimated year end income and expenses was discussed. The Singers have a strong cash position and the moving of cash from the checking account to an interest bearing money market account was discussed.  A motion was made and unanimously approved to allow our retained investment advisor to move cash from checking to a money market account in an amount as determined by the advisor and executive board.


The In Harmony program was discussed including issues with attendance by the students vis a vis their  other activities and part time jobs ,which may interfere with their participation in the program. Kyleen Carpenter, the principal of the school where the program is held, said she would inquire about the absences from the most recent rehearsal.  The Board will review the program and students’ participation at the end of the fiscal year. The In Harmony program is scheduled for a performance on May 22, 2023.


Artistic Director’s Report

Dr. Noel discussed the two strong concerts of March 11 and 12, 2023. The Pastor of St. Mary of the Bay Church was very pleased with the concert at the church and said that he hoped for a continued relationship with the Singers.  There is a strong following for the Providence Singers in the East Bay. The venue is excellent and has ample parking. 


The rehearsals for the Verdi Requiem have begun with 100 signers. Five strong basses and sopranos will be joining as guest singers; five others are still needed. Dr. Noel is recruiting.


Rehearsals for singers for the May Gala will begin soon. Fifteen have requested auditions. Thereafter the program for the Gala will be prepared. 


Compensation for paid singers for the Verdi Requiem was discussed. Dr. Noel offered a tenor $500.00, the funds for which will be paid from the Choral Scholars Fund. She requested an additional $1,000.00 for other professional singers if she needs it.  A motion was made and unanimously approved to authorize the amount.  Dr. Noel discussed the production work on the March 11, 2023 concert video and how the recording will be broken up into individual musical pieces. The Duruflé Requiem will be broken up by movements. 


Budget and Finance Committee

Elaine Cunningham reviewed Budget and Finance matters in her report to the Board and said that she will have a proposed budget for approval at the May board meeting. 


Resource and Development Committee

The Gala at the Providence Art Club was discussed. The break-even number for attendees is 50. The committee is working now to gather auction items. 


Governance Committee 

 There are currently two vacancies on the board and two applicants for membership, Mark Boyd and Andrew Broten. Their resumes had been previously distributed to the Board members. A motion to approve them as members of the Board of Trustees was made and unanimously approved.  There are additional Board positions available. 


Personnel Committee

            Matters brought forth for discussion from the Personnel Committee were discussed in Executive Session. 


Executive Session

 A motion to enter into Executive Session was made, seconded and unanimously allowed. Executive session was begun at 8:09 p.m. A motion to end Executive Session and adjourn the Board meeting was made and allowed, and Executive Session was ended and the meeting adjourned at 8:48 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,



/s/ Brad Louison

Bradford N. Louison, Secretary

March 23, 2023

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