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"Sometimes I Feel Alive"

On March 5, we'll perform the premiere of "We Two Alone," a work we commissioned from Julian Wachner, a prolific composer and a former (1996-2006) Providence Singers artistic director. This will be his third composition for the Providence Singers. The first was "Sometimes I Feel Alive," a setting of three love poems by E.E. Cummings, commissioned by choir president (and later the first executive director) Allison McMillan on the occasion of her husband Mark Nickel's 50th birthday.

Mr. Wachner composed this work in the summer of 1998. He was at Tanglewood at the time, staying at a lakeside cabin that had a piano in an enclosed porch. The third movement, "somewhere I have never traveled," was written there in a single evening, in a single hour. He suggested we share this video to give people an idea of the musical ideas and emotional tone that characterize "We Two Alone."

A good story often has a certain circularity, and the Providence Singers' 50th anniversary celebration concert is no exception. To complete the circle of our history with Mr. Wachner, and for so many other reasons, "We Two Alone" is dedicated to Allison and Mark.

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