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Providence Tourism Council sponsors "Considering Matthew Shepard"

The Providence Singers gratefully acknowledge a grant of $2,500 from the Providence Tourism Council to support the March 9, 2024 performance of Considering Matthew Shepard.

Not familiar with the PTC? Here's a description from their website:

The Providence Tourism Council (PTC) is part of the Convention Authority of the City of Providence and established by state statute. Since its creation in 1984, the PTC has provided public relations, marketing and financial support to organizations who have demonstrated the ability to draw visitors to the city, have an economic impact, benefit for Providence residents, and generate awareness and marketing exposure for the city. 

Through our collaborative efforts, we have helped put the Creative Capital of Providence on the map as one of America’s Favorite Cities. We have supported the developement of tourism initiatives, allowing our city to grow and thrive while establishing Providence as one of the country’s most renowned arts, cultural and culinary hubs. 

Thank you, PTC, for your support of the Providence Singers, and for all you do for our capital city's thriving arts community!

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