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Providence Singers

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees


Held via ZOOM

Monday, May 22, 2023



Josh Krugman, Chairman. Members: Jenica Reed Conley, Bradford Louison, Suzanne Nassise, Mell Roca, Terry Karaniuk, Allison Picard, Lori Andrews, Jim Burress, Kyleen Carpenter, Andrew Broten, and Marc Boyd.  Elaine Cunningham, Christine Noel, ex officio.


The meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m. The Minutes of the meeting of March 22, 2023, were unanimously approved. 



Executive Director’s Report.


Elaine Cunningham discussed the following;


  • Videos of the March concert are currently in production.

  • The Singers’ goal of strengthening community connections was furthered this season by new partnerships with the Providence Art Club, St. Mary of the Bay Church, and LGBTQ organizations.

  • The Singer’s financial situation is quite strong, primarily due to donations. The April 2023 financials were reviewed and discussed. 

  • New risers will be purchased this week.

  • Funds are being transferred from the checking account to a money market account managed by Fidelity.

  • Consideration of what to do with the funds which were granted to the In Harmony vocal program, which was budgeted for fifty students, but which ended up with seven.

  • Discussed the upcoming Gala and the tickets and tables sold for it so far. 

  • Steps to resolve the lack of corporate sponsors and program book ads include establishing a marketing committee whose goal will be to seek new sponsors.

  • The new Choir Relations Management program, “Choir Genius” will handle substantial information and will provide significant cost savings. It will be set up over the summer and online in September

  • Terry Karaniuk suggested approaching the Bank of America for sponsorship. Sponsorship request materials, including an advertisement spec sheet and a sponsor benefits page, will be available by the end of May



Artistic Director’s Report


Dr. Noel discussed the following; 


  • The strong performances of the Verdi Requiem.

  • The Singers had several guest singers who will be auditioned for membership. There is still a waiting list for membership.

  • The total number of singers is limited by the size of the venues where the Singers perform; for exa,[;e, Grace Church can fit 95 singers and St. Mary of the Bay can accommodate 100 singers or more. 

  • The upcoming Gala will have eleven soloists and one duet.

  • The R.I. Philharmonic wishes to rotate conductors for the Messiah performances and there will be a new conductor for this December’s performance.

  • The Considering Matthew Shepard performance will highlight/showcase LGBTQ organizations. The R.I. Gay Men’s Chorus, which has a large following, will open the event with their own performance. At the performance there will be tables set up for various organizations and support groups. To date, six groups have confirmed their attendance.

  • A Community Sing is being planned for next May. Anthony Trecek-King will be invited to conduct.  

  • Additional low Basses will be sought for the Rachmaninoff Vespers program.

  • The size of the Verdi Requiem audiences was discussed. The R.I. Philharmonic was “thrilled” with the Singers’ performance. 

  • Josh Krugman asked if there was any discussion of the Singers’ continued partnership with the R.I. Philharmonicin so far as they were seeking a new permanent conductor.  Dr. Noel said the relationship with the Singers is strong and that the Philharmonic would like to have one choral piece each season.


Mr. Krugman introduced and welcomed the two new members of the Board, Andrew Broten and Marc Boyd.


Budget and Finance Committee. 


Mr. Burress discussed the following;


  • He referred to the discussion of the financial status in Elaine Cunningham’s report. 

  • Discussed the higher individual contributions received this year.

  • Budget projections for next season were based on higher audience numbers.

  • The Vespers program is budgeted for a net gain and the March program for a net loss. The May 2024 concert is budgeted close to break-even.

  • A discussion about increasing the ticket prices to $30.00. During the season now ending, the Singers experimented with a tiered ticket price and many attendees chose the higher $30.00 ticket seats.

  • Membership dues changes and score sales were discussed, as was venue rentals and production costs.  

  • The Singers did not hire an office assistant this year.

  • The Singers will be close to a balanced budget.

  • Grants are budgeted for approximately $60,000.00.

  • Mr. Burress concurred that the organization is in a strong financial position. 


Resource and Development Committee


Josh Krugman and Elaine Cunningham discussed the following;


  • There will be no Gala planned for next year.

  • Venues in the East Bay were discussed for future Galas. 



Governance Committee.  


Suzanne Nassise discussed the following;


  • The two new Board members (Marc Boyd and Andrew Broten) and the terms of various members of the Board.

  • Beth Zarlengo, Jim Burress Josh Krugman and Marc Boyd will begin three-year terms next season.

  • Officers: Mell Roca, Chair; Bradford Louison, Secretary; and Jim Burress, Treasurer.

  • Chairs of Committees: Allison Picard, Governance; Beth Zarlengo, Personnel; and Josh Krugman, Resource Development. 


The nominees were voted on and the vote was passed unanimously.


Personnel Committee

Matters brought forth for discussion by the Personnel Committee were discussed in Executive Session. 


New Business

 The In Harmony program was discussed. When the program began, a grant was sought from the Papitto Opportunity Connection to start a high school age choral group. Initially there was good student interest with some twenty students enrolling; however, over the semester, attendance dropped to only seven students. Issues such as after school transportation were discussed as a probable impediment to continued student participation. Recruitment was sought in Pawtucket area schools, but the schools did not provide sufficient assistance for a successful after school program. The grant amounts for the Program and for the R.I. Childrens’ Chorus was discussed and compared. Whether the Papitto Opportunity Connection will continue to entertain further grants for only seven or so students is a concern and will be discussed with them. Kyleen Carpenter discussed her school’s experience with the program. Dr. Noel recommended hiring a project coordinator to run the program. A partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Pawtucket and a new music coordinator for the program were discussed.


Executive Session

 A motion to enter into Executive Session was made, seconded and unanimously allowed. Executive session began at 8:27 p.m. A motion to end Executive Session and adjourn the Board meeting was made and allowed, and Executive Session concluded, and the meeting adjourned at 8:39 p.m.



Respectfully Submitted,



/s/ Brad Louison

Bradford N. Louison, Secretary

May 24, 2023

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