Broadway Concert Info for Singers

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This page has resources for Singers who want to help spread the word about our upcoming concert. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Hang a poster or post card on the public bulletin board of local libraries, book stores, coffee shops, small businesses, and churches--wherever people are likely to see it.

  • Add a post to your social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  (Graphics available below.)

  • Send an email to your personal contacts inviting them to the concert. 

  • Be sure to include a link to our website or our Eventbrite page:

  • Encourage potential audience members who'd like to hear more before committing to visit our YouTube page. (Link in the footer) 

  • Expand our online reach by following our social media accounts and sharing online content:

    • Subscribe to our YouTube channel (There's a subscribe form on the home page)

    • "Like" our Facebook page and share posts. ​A significant percentage of our website, Eventbrite, and donor traffic come from Facebook.

    • Follow our Twitter page, "like" and share posts.

    • Follow our Instagram page.  If you have pictures to add, send them to the office! 

    • Follow our LinkedIn page.

Links to our social media pages can be found in the footer. Some of these are quite new, but we're building content steadily.

You can also visit our Google Business Profile by typing "Providence Singers" into a Google search.  It'll show up on the right margin. You can like posts, add photos, and post a review (or encourage your concert-going friends to do so.).  Activity on our Google corner of the internet, which includes our YouTube channel, significantly boosts our online profile and makes us more "discoverable."  This means that when people search for "singing groups near me" or "choirs near me," we're more likely to pop up at the top of the list. Our Google Business Profile also drives traffic to our website. It's an important marketing tool.

Clearly, no one has time to do ALL of these things, but pick one or two (or more) that work for you!  

If you have questions or suggestions, drop me a email or give me a call. 

Thanks for all you do!

Elaine Cunningham

Graphics for use in promotion

Social media graphic:  Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

April ad.jpg

Postcard. Good size for emails and Facebook posts

Broadway postcard_Page_1.jpg

B&W flyer.  

April 2022 Concert Poster BW 8.5 x 11.jpg

Poster. 8.5 x 11

Broadway poster revision.jpg

SBRI promo. Good for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, emails.

Ashley Pabon 2, Instagram.jpg
Briana Mattis, Instagram.jpg

Ashley Pabon in "Music of the Night."  YouTube link:

Guest emcee Joe Wilson, Jr.

Joe Wilson Jr. square headshot.jpg