“An impressively poised, solemn, and moving performance that brought honor to all the ensembles involved”
Jeremy Eichler
Boston Globe
5 March 2012
(Britten War Requiem)


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Richard Winslow   Fantasia on Gaudeamus Igitur   Last performed 20 May 1989
Richard Winslow   The Rest of My Life   Last performed 20 May 1989
Richard Winslow   Joplin Titles: A Speech Fugue   Last performed 20 May 1989
Richard Winslow   Mezzo Forte   Last performed 20 May 1989
Richard Winslow   Job   Last performed 16 Nov 1975
Richard Winslow   Three Haiku   Last performed 7 Mar 1992
Richard Winslow   Psalm Set (Prelude, 100, 150, 23, 147)   Last performed 19 Mar 1994