“All the musicians involved demonstrated their ... belief in Britten’s singular voice over the course of this fine performance.”
Zoe Kemmerling
Boston Musical Inteligencer

6 March 2012
(Britten War Requiem)


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Requiem (Last performed 15 Oct 2016)
Vesperae Sollenes de Confessore (Last performed 1 Mar 2016)
Ave Verum Corpus (Last performed 1 Mar 2016)
Coronation Mass in C (Last performed 8 Nov 2015)
Der Messias (Last performed 20 Dec 2003)
Sancta Maria, mater Dei (K273) (Last performed 18 Mar 1995)
Adoramus te (K327by Quirino Gasparini) (Last performed 18 Mar 1995)
Justum deduxit Dominum ( by Ernst Eberlin) (Last performed 18 Mar 1995)
Alma Dei creatoris (K277) (Last performed 18 Mar 1995)
Laudate Dominum (K339) (Last performed 18 Mar 1995)
Kyrie (K73k) (Last performed 20 Nov 1993)
Idomeneo (5 choruses) (Last performed 15 May 1993)
Alleluia (Last performed 14 Dec 1992)
Regina Coeli (K276) (Last performed 7 Mar 1992)
Bona Nox (Last performed 10 Nov 1984)
O du eselhafter Martin (Last performed 10 Nov 1984)
V'amo di Core (Last performed 10 Nov 1984)
Et Incarnatus Est (Mass in C) (Last performed 5 Nov 1983)
Vesperae de Dominica (K321) (Last performed 13 Dec 1981)
Ave Maria (Last performed 12 Dec 1976)
God Is Our Refuge (Last performed 24 Oct 1976)
De Profundis (Last performed 24 Oct 1976)
Wo der perlende Wein (Last performed 18 Nov 1973)