“The orchestra was joined by the Providence Singers for the last movement, the so-called ‘Ode to Joy,’ which was one of the more moving moments in the Philharmonic’s season. The Singers sounded terrific.”


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Hear My Prayer (Last performed 29 Mar 2015)
Verlei Uns Frieden (Last performed 29 Mar 2015)
Six Songs from Opus 59 (Last performed 19 May 2002)
Elijah (Last performed 10 May 1998)
Three Folksongs (Last performed 11 Dec 1994)
Hark the Herald Angels Sing (Last performed 12 Dec 1993)
Behold a Star from Jacob (Last performed 8 Dec 1991)
Drei geistliche Lieder (Last performed 9 Mar 1991)
Laudate pueri (Last performed 9 Mar 1991)
I Waited for the Lord (Last performed 9 Mar 1991)
Lord Remember Not (Last performed 29 Oct 1988)
Aus tiefer Not schrei ich zu dir (Last performed 29 Oct 1988)
Three Folk Songs (Last performed 7 May 1978)