“The orchestra was joined by the Providence Singers for the last movement, the so-called ‘Ode to Joy,’ which was one of the more moving moments in the Philharmonic’s season. The Singers sounded terrific.”


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Ein Deutsches Requiem (Last performed 5 May 2012)
O Heiland, Reiss die Himmel auf (Last performed 27 Oct 2007)
Geistliches Lied (Last performed 6 Mar 1999)
Neue Liebeslieder Walzer (Last performed 8 Nov 1997)
Schaffe in mir, Gott (Last performed 8 Nov 1997)
Es Is das Heil Uns Kommen Her (Last performed 8 Nov 1997)
Quartets w/piano, Op. 92 (Last performed 11 Dec 1994)
Three Motets, Op. 110 (Last performed 11 Dec 1994)
Six Folksongs (Last performed 11 Dec 1994)
Warum ist das Licht gegeben (Last performed 9 Mar 1991)
Six Quartets, Op. 112 (Last performed 20 May 1989)
Zigeunerlieder (Last performed 30 Oct 1982)
The Son of God is Come (Last performed 14 Dec 1974)
Six Folk Songs (Last performed 5 May 1974)
Es Tant ein Voller Harfenklang (Last performed 21 May 1972)
Gesang aus Ossians Fingal (Last performed 21 May 1972)
Liebeslieder Walzer (Last performed 21 May 1972)
Nanie (Last performed 21 May 1972))