“This is a crack ensemble, the like of which may not exist in our own city”
Boston Musical Intelligencer
15 November 2009
(Harrison, La Koro Sutro)


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Ludwig van Beethoven   Senor Abatte   Last performed 18 Nov 1973
Ludwig van Beethoven   Elegischer Gesang   Last performed 7 May 1977
Ludwig van Beethoven   Abscheidesgesang   Last performed 7 May 1977
Ludwig van Beethoven   Bundeslied   Last performed 7 May 1977
Ludwig van Beethoven   Mass in C Major   Last performed 7 May 1977
Ludwig van Beethoven   Missa Solemnis   Last performed 24 Oct 2010
Ludwig van Beethoven   Symphony No. 9   Last performed 7 May 2016