The Singers presents a Brubeck world première
The Commandments and Gates of Justice live at Lincoln Center

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The Providence Journal:
  “You can’t believe how busy I am!”

8 p.m. Wednesday, September 14, 2005

“It has taken me almost 60 years to compose something I wanted to write when I was still a young soldier in Europe,” Dave Brubeck has said of The Commandments. “I do my bit to get a few people to listen. ... There isn’t time left for the world not to try and understand each other.”

The Singers happily accepted an invitation to sing the première of the work in Lincoln Center and jumped at the chance to give a second performance of Gates of Justice, which they sang at the 2004 Newport Jazz Festival.

At first hearing

Maestro Russell Gloyd, above, came to town Saturday, Sept. 10, to conduct the final rehearsal. We sang in the sanctuary of Pawtucket Congregational Church.

Brubeck slipped in after the rehearsal had begun and listened from the rear of the hall, right. He and Gloyd were hearing The Commandments performed for the first time.

Live at Lincoln Center

Yes, it was a long day, but not one that the Singers will soon forget. We left the Singers office in two buses at 8:30 and returned somewhere around 3 a.m.

Our first order of business, after moving into the best green room space we’ve ever had, was an afternoon rehearsal. Julian and Andy were both on hand. It was an unusual space to sing in; Andy and Julian moved Singers around on the risers to balance the sound better and accommodate the microphones.

“It sounds really good,” Julian said at the break, as he and Andy continued to make adjustments. “It’s about 90 percent there.”

“Ninety-nine percent!” said Brubeck from his seat at the piano.


Photography from rehearsal: David Lewis; from Lincoln Center: Liz Feeny and other Singers.