“Noel went more for a sense of lyricism, making points with delicacy and paying attention to details”
Channing Gray
Providence Journal
17 December 2017
(Handel Messiah)


Position Description
Executive Director, Providence Singers

Salaried, full-time position

Reports to
Board of Trustees

All federal and state holidays; 20 vacation days per fiscal year; professional development and travel, set annually

The Executive Director serves as the chief executive officer of the Providence Singers. The Executive Director works in partnership with the Artistic Director and provides leadership and overall management direction for the organization in accordance with the long-term direction and mission articulated by the Board of Trustees.


  • Community Relations
    • Represent the Providence Singers in the community to foster understanding and support for the choral arts. Serve as spokesperson or contact with other groups, foundations, corporations, governmental offices, and other important constituencies.
  • Board of Trustees
    • Serve as non-voting ex officio member of the Board of Trustees and the Board Executive Committee.
    • Work closely with Board Chair to develop meeting agendas and plans, set priorities, monitor work; work with and assist Board committee chairs as needed.
    • Provide regular management reports to the Board and Board Executive Committee.
    • Attend all meetings of the Board and Executive Committee; attend other Board committee meetings as needed.
    • Assist the Board Governance Committee in developing and attracting potential new Board members.
  • Fundraising
    • Serve as chief development officer for the organization.
    • Plan and execute efforts to attract financial support from individuals, foundations, corporations and government sources.
    • Work closely with the Board Chair and Board Resource Development Committee to plan and execute strategies to attract major funding from individuals and through fundraising events.
    • Research, write, and submit grants and grant reports to foundations and other funders. Review and approve grant applications written by volunteers or other staff. Planning and Operations
    • With Artistic Director and Executive Committee, assist strategic planning process; develop strategies to implement strategic plan objectives.
    • Review season drafts prepared by Artistic Director, work closely with Artistic Director and others to finalize season drafts and budgetary implications for presentation to the Board.
    • Develop and monitor operational plans with staff and volunteer Managing Committee.
    • Evaluate progress toward operational and long-term goals on a regular basis.
    • Serve as primary contact for other organizations with which the Providence Singers performs or collaborates. Negotiate contracts, oversee planning and program implementation.
  • Financial Management
    • Review and submit monthly payroll to payroll service.
    • Review quarterly and year-end reports and government filings.
    • Contract and oversee work of bookkeeper.
    • Review monthly budget reports for accuracy and completeness; alert bookkeeper if changes are needed.
    • Monitor income against expense in annual budget, take corrective action as needed.
    • Prepare annual budget drafts and submit final draft to Board Budget and Finance Committee for approval and recommendation to the Board.
    • Provide regular financial briefings to Treasurer and attend Board Budget and Finance Committee meetings.
    • Work with Treasurer and independent auditor on preparation of annual financial statements, auditor’s review, and Form 990’s.
  • Staff and Volunteers
    • Hire, train, and terminate administrative staff; provide direction to them, oversee and evaluate their work. Provide feedback regularly and performance evaluation annually.
    • Provide support and secure necessary resources for staff to fulfill job duties; receive feedback and ideas to support needs of the organization.
    • Ensure that there is written and up-to-date documentation for standard operating policies and procedures.
    • Ensure that there are updated job descriptions for administrative staff positions.
    • Provide annual staffing plan to the Board, including paid and volunteer positions.
    • Provide direction, chair regular meetings, and monitor overall functioning of Managing Committee.
  • Office and Technology
    • Plan for office space, furniture, supplies, computers, software to meet growing needs.
    • Monitor and support web site development; provide content ideas and material to web editor as needed.
    • Work with staff and database programmer to continue developing Singers’ consolidated FileMaker database to serve needs of organization.
  • Corporation
    • Serve as chief executive for the Corporation (The Providence Singers, Inc.)
    • Chair the annual meeting of the Corporation.
    • Ensure that Corporation records are complete and in order.