“Even in the popular ‘Hallelujah’ chorus, the Singers kept things light, crisp and transparent, sometimes bringing the levels down to a whisper”


Governance: The Board of Trustees

The Providence Singers Inc. is governed by a Board of Trustees of up to 18 voting members. The Board has direct oversight of the Executive Director and the Artistic Director, both of whom serve as non-voting ex officio members of the Board.

The Board carries out its responsibilities through six permanent committees and other committees it may create as necessary. Each is chaired by a Board member. With the exception of the Executive Committee, all committees include both Board members and non-members. (The Executive Committee, empowered to take certain actions on behalf of the full Board, includes only officers of the Board and chairs of committees. The Board Chair leads the Executive Committee.)

As ex officio members, the Executive Director and Artistic Director report regularly to the Board on operational and artistic matters and work together to develop the business plan and musical content for future seasons.

Officers for 2017–18

Trustees, serving through:

Beth Zarlengo  Chair
Dan Hendriksen  Treasurer
Mark Nickel  Secretary

June 30, 2018
Camilla de Rochambeau
Sandy DeMarinis
John Eng-Wong
Josh Krugman
Mark Nickel

June 30, 2019
Will Arvanites
Jim Gaffney
Dan Hendriksen
Ted Singsen
Beth Zarlengo

June 30, 2020
Allison Flint Lenzi
Mike Gerhardt
John Horigan
Alli McMillan
Olivia Vicente

Committees of the Board of Trustees

Executive Committee
Beth Zarlengo (chair), Dan Hendriksen, Josh Krugman, Alli McMillan, Mark Nickel, Ted Singsen

Budget and Finance Committee
Dan Hendriksen (chair), John Eng-Wong, Jim Gaffney, Alli McMillan

Planning Committee
Mark Nickel (chair)

Governance Committee
Ted Singsen (chair), Will Arvanites, Camilla de Rochambeau, John Eng-Wong, Allison Flint Lenzi, John Horigan, Olivia Vicente

Resource Development Committee
Alli McMillan (chair), Will Arvanites, Camilla de Rochambeau, Sandy DeMarinis, Allison Flint Lenzi, Jim Gaffney, Mike Gerhardt, Olivia Vicente

Personnel Committee
Josh Krugman (chair), Sandy DeMarinis, Mike Gerhardt, John Horigan